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We're here to serve UNM's students as an integral component in your academic success. Visit the online student support portal to access helpful resources such as advising, tutoring and career services, as well as 24/7 technical support. You can order your textbooks, supplies and Lobo gear online from the UNM bookstore.

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College of Nursing Resources

Completing your bachelor's degree is an important step in your career as a nursing professional. Our Student Services Team is committed to supporting you throughout the RN to BSN program. We encourage you to contact us with your questions and seek advice on course planning, degree requirements, billing and financial aid.

The College of Nursing Information Technology Department provides technical assistant to students, faculty, and staff and are available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm (except on UNM holidays). If you have any questions regarding your UNM/HSC email account, Blackboard Learn, or other technical support, please contact us.

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Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center

All the library resources for UNM's Health Sciences Center are available at the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center. "Ask a Librarian" is available by chat, text, email or phone to answer any questions you have about finding a resource.

The University Libraries are now part of Worldshare Management Services (WMS) which provides students with access to search libraries worldwide.

University Resources

The University of New Mexico offers numerous online programs and has created a dedicated website for online students to learn more about available services, policies, and resources.

Visit our Student Resources and Support page for additional information for prospective or current UNM students regarding technical and academic support, complaint resolution processes, financial aid, refund policies, and resources for veterans and military personnel.

Additional technical support is available for all UNM students taking online courses. Visit UNM Online's Help website for frequently asked questions, tutorials, and additional helpful information.
UNM Online's Help Desk is available 24/7 by telephone - local: (505) 277-0857 | toll free: 1 (877) 688-8817 or contact UNM Online via email at For more information on accessing technical support, please visit the support page at UNM Learn.

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University of New Mexico College of Nursing
1 University of New Mexico
MSC 09 5350
Albuquerque, NM 87131

General Information
Office: Enrollment Services
Phone: (844) 515-9099

Admissions Requirements
Office: Enrollment Services
Phone: (844) 515-9099

Academic Advisement
(Transfer Credit, Degree Audits, Course Planning, Course Registration, and Graduation Requirements)

Office: UNM College of Nursing Student Services
Phone: 505-272-4223

Student Retention / Coaching
Office: Enrollment Services
Phone: (844) 515-9099

Professional Documentation Requirements
(NURS410 Course)

Office: Education
Annette Creasman, Program Coordinator
Phone: (505) 925-8237

Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Student Billing
Office: UNM College of Nursing Office of Financial Aid
Whitney Cockrill, Financial Aid Officer
Phone: (505) 272-0854

Live Chat (M-F 8am - 5pm)
Phone: (505) 277-5363

Information Technology Support (Email and Account Access Issues)
Office: College of Nursing Information Technology
Phone: (505) 272-8112

Library Resources
Office: UNM Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center
Phone: (505) 272-2311


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Any changes in application terms must be submitted to UNM Admissions for processing. The Semester Change Form can be found at the UNM Office of Admissions site.

You may check the status of your submitted web application at the LoboWeb Admissions Application Page. If you cannot remember your login information, please call the Admissions Office at 505-277-8900 for a reset.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact UNM’s Global Education Office at 505-277-4032 for more information.

After you have been accepted to UNM, an admission letter is mailed to your address on file. If you cannot locate this letter, contact the Office of Admissions via email at: or by calling us at 505-277-8900 to request a duplicate. Your confirmation of acceptance can be mailed, faxed or made available for pick-up (it may take 24 hours for pick up).

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. We encourage applicants to apply to UNM to start the process.

UNM has a robust, yet not exhaustive, database of transfer credits which can be found via this link:{956FCA42-5A56-4ED1-8EDC-B8F0B222CB6F}&aid={2C7CB73C-7F03-434D-9191-0FB16A56087F}.

  • Log in to using your NetID and password
  • Click on the "Student Life" tab across the top of the myUNM web page
  • Click on the red "LoboWeb" link in the middle of the page.
  • From the Student & Financial Aid Menu, click on "Registration & Records"
  • Click on the "Select Term" link and select a term from the drop down menu. Click "Submit"
  • Use "Search Class Schedule for Classes to Add"
  • If you have received a registration override from your instructor or department:
    • Go to "Registration (Add/Drop Classes)"
    • Enter the CRN directly in the "Add Classes Worksheet" at the bottom of the page.
  • To register using either the "Search Class Schedule for Classes to Add" or the "Registration (Add/Drop Classes)" options, you must "Accept" Student Financial Responsibility.

Please go to schedule. Need a phone appointment? Indicate "Phone Appointment" in the Special Instructions box.

The RN to BSN calendar, including add and drop dates, can be found at

Current students may submit a request through LoboWeb:

  • Student Life tab
  • Go to
  • LoboWeb
  • Student Menu
  • Registration & Records
  • Order Official Transcript from Parchment

UNM Admissions
PO Box 4895
Albuquerque, NM 87196-4895

The best way to contact the Admissions Office is by Chat (select a Department/Subject Area of Admissions/Recruitment or Admissions-International). Chat is available during normal business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday). It is not available on holidays.

When a student registers for a course prior to the beginning of the term, that course will not be visible in the Learning Management System (UNM Learn) until the course is officially scheduled to begin.

When a student registers for a course prior to the beginning of the term, that course will not be visible in the Learning Management System (UNM Learn) until the course is officially scheduled to begin.

Students need to contact the instructor regarding questions about assignments and course content.

Courses are visible to students for two weeks after the course ends.

For information on using UNM Learn as a student, go to

Students in all courses will need to be a familiar with APA (American Psychological Association) style to cite sources. Students needing assistance should email to get help from our Student Success Coaches. In addition, the Center for Academic Program Support is available for all UNM students needing academic support.

Yes. There are three basic types of financial aid available: grants (free money), work study (money you earn) and student loans (money you pay back).

The FAFSA is available as early as October 1. The UNM FAFSA priority date is January 6, with a requirement to have all additional documentation submitted by January 31. Not meeting the priority date excludes you being considered for certain types of priority aid (work study, certain limited grants and loans). Submission after the priority date is allowed; however, you will only be considered for the Pell Grant (if eligible) and federal loan programs (if eligible).

Complete the FAFSA. The UNM school code is 002663.

Yes. However, this does not guarantee your financial aid eligibility. You must have a complete financial aid file, be making satisfactory academic progress and be enrolled in the correct number of credit hours in order for your financial aid awards to be disbursed.

Notification of financial aid awards will be sent to your UNM email; instructions to access LOBOWEB will be included in the email. If you have an incomplete financial aid file, an email will be sent to your UNM account notifying you of the incomplete file and include instructions on how to check unsatisfied requirements. Submit documents to our office by fax, in person, by mail or online. Be sure to include your UNM ID on all forms.

No. Payment plans are only available for full-term 16-week courses. Due to the 8-week duration of RN to BSN courses, payment plans are not an option.

Payment is due on the first day of class.

A financial aid recipient registered for less than 6 credit hours for the first 8-week session will not receive aid until the start of the second 8-week session. Federal regulations require a student to be registered at least half-time (6 credits) in order to receive student loans. Since your pending financial aid will cover tuition costs for both the first and second sessions, you will NOT need pay tuition by the first day of class. The Bursar's Office will "hold" your classes—you will not be dropped.

All courses other than the RN to BSN Upper level (300-499) nursing courses are subject to main campus resident/non-resident tuition rates. This includes NURS 241.

Your bill will not show as due, but it will show that you have a balance. Your payment is due on the first day of class. Please refer to the RN to BSN website for start dates.

The RN to BSN scholarship will disburse a week after your RN to BSN courses start. The scholarship promotions are awarded on the start date of your RN to BSN courses only.

If you are not enrolled at least part-time (6 credit hours) in the first session of the semester, your aid will not disburse until your second session course(s) begin. Federal regulations require part-time enrollment in order to be eligible for federal loans.

You will need to submit any missing documentation to the College of Nursing Financial Aid Office prior to being awarded. Any forms that can be submitted online will have a link on LoboWeb and will allow you to complete and submit the forms by signing in with your NetID and password. Please be sure to select "The College of Nursing" campus when submitting documents. You can fax your documents to 505-272-3970 or email them to Whitney Cockrill, Financial Aid Officer at

For information on activating your UNM email account, please go to page 44 of your Undergraduate Student Handbook.

A PIN replaces a student's Social Security number for UNM identification purposes.

Yes. RN to BSN students will have both a UNM and Salud email account. Information for setting up the HSC email and other IT related items please go to your Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Visit "How Online Courses Work" to learn more.

Learners access primary content and instruction through UNM Learn using a variety of tools including email, chat, discussion boards, web pages and multimedia technologies. Specific technologies employed will vary by course and instructor. Depending on the teaching style of the instructor and the course content, instruction can take place synchronously (all participants in the course log in at the same time) or asynchronously (participants log on and participate as their schedule permits), or some combination of the above.

UNM Online provides course details for any course-specific instructions/equipment needs, defined by the instructor. You may find the course detail by clicking the course title in the Online Course Schedule.

Yes, 100%.

College of Nursing IT
Phone: 505-272-8112

College of Nursing Blackboard/UNM Learn Support
Phone: 505-272-6788

University Main IT
Phone: 505-277-5757

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